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Bruxism, the clinical term for the habit of clenching and grinding your teeth, affects many individuals, often without their awareness, during the day or in their sleep. Stress, anxiety, an uneven bite, or certain medications can trigger this condition. While occasional teeth grinding might not pose a significant problem, frequent bruxism can lead to tooth damage and may cause discomforting conditions, like temporomandibular disorder (TMD), impacting the jaw. Dr. Leah Gagnon at Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA offers effective treatment options for bruxism, including the use of night guards to protect your teeth. For more information and to safeguard your oral health, contact our office in Niceville, FL, and schedule a consultation to address bruxism.

Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Gagnon will develop a bruxism treatment plan just for you. If you're dealing with tooth damage, like broken or cracked teeth, it's important to address these issues first. A common solution for managing teeth grinding is the use of custom-made night guards. These guards protect your teeth by preventing damage while you sleep. Some individuals might also benefit from splints, which are durable acrylic devices fitted over the upper or lower teeth to curb grinding and clenching. Also, managing stress and anxiety can help decrease bruxism and enhance overall health.

Bruxism causes many symptoms. Patients who routinely clench and grind their teeth will regularly incur a number of issues, for example:

  • Extreme wear on the teeth
  • Damage or cuts to the cheeks
  • Pain in the neck, face, ear(s), and/or jaw
  • Clicking or popping in the jaw
  • Chronic headaches
  • Tension in the jaw and neck muscles
  • Indents on the tongue
  • Jaw locking
  • Cracked, chipped, loose, or damaged teeth
  • Teeth sensitivity

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Teeth grinding will hurt your teeth and contribute to more serious conditions, like temporomandibular disorder (TMD), which has symptoms of headaches, aching jaw, irregular sleep patterns, and others. Through useful therapy choices, like custom-made night guards and splints, Dr. Gagnon will help preserve your teeth and give you a reprieve from the misery and suffering that comes with bruxism. Call our Niceville, FL facility as soon as possible to find out more and set up a visit.


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