Sedation Dentistry in Niceville, FL

Understanding that dental anxiety is a common concern among patients of all ages, the team at Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA prioritizes creating a comfortable and reassuring environment for everyone seeking dental care. Dr. Leah Gagnon has a DEA license and is qualified to provide oral sedation, in addition to offering N2O gas as a sedation option. These sedation methods are designed to enhance patient comfort, alleviate anxiety, and ensure positive dental experiences in Niceville, FL. If the thought of dental visits makes you nervous, we encourage you to discuss sedation dentistry with Dr. Gagnon. Discover how these options can help you undergo necessary treatments with ease and peace of mind.

The methodology for sedation at our practice will vary by your level of nervousness, the procedure itself, and lastly, the kind of sedation selected. Nitrous oxide gas, also called laughing gas, offers gentle, sedative sensations. It is given via a nasal covering and enables you to be calm throughout your visit. For oral-conscious sedatives, you will consume a tablet by mouth an hour before your dental procedure, offering you the right amount of comfort. A localized numbing ointment is directed into the selected area to desensitize the teeth, gumline, and nerve tissues and could be integrated with other personalized methods.

Sedation dentistry provides many important benefits that could notably improve the full dental treatment appointment for children and adults, such as:

  • Inspires more frequent dentist visits for preventive care
  • Diminishes the discomfort of dental treatments
  • Eases care for people who have special needs
  • Offers a sense of time passing quickly
  • Enables more than one treatment in a single visit
  • Diminishes gag reflex during the treatment
  • Reduces dental anxiety and fear
  • Optimizes patient cooperation and positioning
  • Limits memory of the treatment for patients with dental trauma

Did great as usual teeth feel clean

S.S. Google

Absolutely fantastic Botox/Filler experience. Following a full, thorough consultation, the injection procedure was seamless. The results are perfect!!

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In the last 3 months I have had all of my teeth cleaned, 2 fillings replaced and (my first crown) 1 crown completed. Dr. Gagnon's dental expertise was excellent and the service from ALL of her staff was outstanding. My teethe look better than they have in years. Additionally, within the last week my husband had a cleaning and 1 filling done, also a great experience! We are both very pleased.

R.R. Google

She makes me super comfortable although I have anxiety about going to the dentist.

K.H. Google

I hadn't been in for a cleaning in a long time, due to personal circumstances, and I was welcomed here without judgement. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and I learned more about how to take better care of my teeth! Highly recommend them for any dental needs :)

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Everyone deserves to enjoy excellent dental health without fear or anxiety standing in their way. Dr. Gagnon offers a range of sedation dentistry options at Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA to ensure your dental visits are as comfortable as possible, whether you're coming in for routine checkups, restorative work, or other treatments. To transform your dental appointments into positive and stress-free experiences, we invite you to contact our practice in Niceville, FL, and schedule a consultation. Discover how we can make your dental wellness journey smooth and reassuring.


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