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Many oral disorders, including gum disease, might ultimately influence a patient's health. Otherwise called periodontal disease, gum disease is a multi-stage oral infection that affects a vast population of individuals annually. A product of damaging dental bacteria, periodontal disease is regarded as a principal cause of missing teeth among people over 35 years old and has been linked to a range of physical health concerns. These bacteria reside within tartar deposits that build up on the enamel and produce toxins, which will begin to deteriorate the gums, bone, and other structures that keep every tooth in its proper position.

Gum disease is categorized into three progressive stages; the initial stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis, then periodontitis. The last and most serious phase of the disorder is called advanced periodontitis. Detecting and addressing periodontal disease soon may help end the progress and protect your general wellness. For those who experience symptoms, like puffy or red gum tissue, bleeding while brushing or flossing, or chronic bad breath (occasionally called halitosis), gum disease could be impacting their dental health.

Dr. Leah Gagnon at Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA provides many innovative solutions to address gum disease at any stage. Get in touch with our facility in Niceville, FL to plan a twice-yearly comprehensive assessment, and discover the ways we stop periodontal disease.

Diagnosing and treating gum disease as early as possible could be crucial to conserving the state of your smile. To find out if periodontal disease is affecting your oral health, our team will utilize a specialized device to measure the pockets separating your gums and tooth roots. When these pockets exceed three millimeters in depth, it may be a source of concern. 3D x-rays will also allow Dr. Gagnon to gauge the quantity of bone tissue around the teeth and learn whether a later stage of gum disease is developing.

At Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA, we perform the latest tests to detect your current stage of gum disease and will craft the correct course for treatment. The first stage of periodontal disease (gingivitis) is generally handled with an in-office cleaning and better daily dental hygiene. To manage periodontitis, the middle stage of gum disease, SRP (also called scaling and root planing) therapy is performed and may be paired with externally administered antibiotics. Progressive-stage instances of periodontal disease can be more effectively addressed via a more intensive method, like flap surgery or bone grafting procedures.

At Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA, gum treatment features many benefits to improve your dental health and overall welfare. Some of the benefits of gum treatment at our Niceville, FL office include:

  • Repairs and maintains the health of the gums, decreasing inflammation and bleeding
  • Stops tooth loss by strengthening the supporting structures of the teeth
  • Enhances the look of the gums and teeth, bringing about a more positive smile
  • Diminishes bad breath often triggered by gum infections
  • Lowers the possibility of certain conditions associated with gum disease, such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Early treatment can stop more complex and costly solutions in the future

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Absolutely fantastic Botox/Filler experience. Following a full, thorough consultation, the injection procedure was seamless. The results are perfect!!

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In the last 3 months I have had all of my teeth cleaned, 2 fillings replaced and (my first crown) 1 crown completed. Dr. Gagnon's dental expertise was excellent and the service from ALL of her staff was outstanding. My teethe look better than they have in years. Additionally, within the last week my husband had a cleaning and 1 filling done, also a great experience! We are both very pleased.

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She makes me super comfortable although I have anxiety about going to the dentist.

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I hadn't been in for a cleaning in a long time, due to personal circumstances, and I was welcomed here without judgement. Everyone was so kind and welcoming, and I learned more about how to take better care of my teeth! Highly recommend them for any dental needs :)

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Because of our contemporary dental care approaches, Leah Thompson Gagnon, DMD, PA can help patients with gum disease get access to safe and proven services and reclaim the wellness of their teeth and gums. If you are affected by any concerns associated with periodontal disease, we suggest that you call our Niceville, FL office as early as possible. Dr. Leah Gagnon and her staff offer a range of solutions to take care of any level of periodontal disease.


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